Mrs Renate Leggatt-Hofer Mr Reinhold Sahl

The Vienna Hofburg

Six Centuries as a European Centre of Power

Exclusive: the only comprehensive publication on the vast Hofburg complex

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Format24 x 30 cm Seiten272 Abbildungen300 EinbandHardcover

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The Vienna Hofburg, one of the most extensive historic residence ensembles in Europe, is Austria’s most important secular cultural heritage site. However, until ten years ago there had been little research on this highly significant complex. To remedy this, the Austrian Academy of Sciences undertook fundamental, interdisciplinary research, leaving no stone unturned in its investigations. The results, published in five monumental volumes, revealed the Vienna residence in a completely new light. This opulently illustrated book provides an overview of the latest findings on the entire Hofburg complex from its thirteenth-century beginnings to the present day. Thanks to the commitment of the Burghauptmannschaft Österreich, a wide readership can now gain insight into fascinating new aspects of the Hofburg.

Mrs Renate Leggatt-HoferHg.

Renate Leggatt-Hofer studied art history and classical archaeology and specialises in the Renaissance. She worked at the Austrian Federal Monuments Authority until 2016. Since then she has focused on independent research work.

Mr Reinhold SahlHg.

Reinhold Sahl holds the office of Burghauptmann and has headed the Burghauptmannschaft Österreich since 2010. He has overall responsibility for conservation of Austria's cultural heritage in state-owned properties.