Michael Moosbrugger

Schloss Gobelsburg (English Edition)

Oenocultural Heritage Austria

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Format: 24 x

30 cm



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Artikelnummer: 9783710606045


Fate and fortune both smile upon the cloistral wine estate Schloss Gobelsburg. The cistercian monks of Zwettl Abbey have been cultivating vineyards in Austria for 850 years. The estate has always been known not only for the classic wines of the Danube river region, but also for its wines from the vineyards Heiligenstein and Nussberg, as purveyor to the imperial court. 
Today, wines from Schloss Gobelsburg are consistently featured on the world’s most prestigious wine lists. Schloss Gobelsburg stands like very few other estates in the foreground of Austria’s long viticultural history, which has always been intertwined with that of the religious orders and their living culture.

Michael Moosbrugger


Michael Moosbrugger has run Schloss Gobelsburg since 1996 and has led the company’s wines to world fame. As one of Austria’s most talented vintners, he has also been a regular recipient of national and international prizes.


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