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Franz Joseph 1830-1916

The Guide for the exhibition „Franz Joseph“ at four locations: Schloss Schönbrunn, Kaiserliche Wagenburg, Schloss Niederweiden, Hofmobiliendepot.

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21 November 2016 marks the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph. During the course of his long reign of 68 years, Franz Joseph increasingly became a symbol of the Habsburg Monarchy and of its continued existence. Nevertheless, the policies he pursued left many of the problems facing such a complicated state unresolved and in the long term thus contributed to the downfall of the Empire. The idea of taking a critical look at the biography of this particular Habsburg figure is especially prompted by the image of Franz Joseph as a person and ruler, by the impact he had during his lifetime and by his enduring legacy of being “the Emperor”.

This book focuses on the various aspects of the Emperor’s life history, on the political challenges he faced during his reign and on the personal misfortunes he endured. It provides a comprehensive and unashamedly critical portrayal of one of the major figures in Austrian history thanks to detailed essays written by renowned experts in the field.

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Karl Vocelka Studium, Promotion und Habilitation für das Fach österreichische Geschichte an der Universität Wien. Langjähriger Vorstand des Instituts für Geschichte und vielfacher wissenschaftlicher Ausstellungsleiter.

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